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Finding and maintaining wellness can be one of the biggest changes we face today.  We all have unique desires, concerns, struggles, and obligations.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming.  The Howard Center for Wellness exists to make a difference in your life by showing you how to become the best version of yourself.  Trust us to spend some time with you, and we'll get you on the path towards a better future.

Click here for a full list of Individual Therapy services

The Howard Center for Wellness specializes in family therapy, working with families on an individual or group basis to comprehensively address points of concern and points of strength.  All families are unique, and we understand that a unique level of patience and support is required to meet and exceed client expectations.  Let us help you succeed. 


Click here for a full list of Family Therapy services

Nowadays, in our fast-paced and highly-distracted society, couples therapy is more important than ever.  The Howard Center for Wellness provides services in the exploration, assessment, awareness, and repair of the relationship bond. We guide couples in both successful and unsuccessful relationships by providing them with the strategies and tools to take their commitment to a even higher level. 

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The Howard Center for Wellness provides services to youth with both existing and not yet diagnosed conditions.  The center focuses on taking the time to understand each child or teenager, at a deep level, so that our unique involvement can have the maximum impact.  Parents are welcomed in all youth sessions, although our therapists are highly trained in one-on-one youth counseling.

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The Howard Center for Wellness acknowledges that unfortunately not all clients are able to visit with us in-person.  Our center is capable of hosting online therapeutic sessions as an accommodation.  Please inquire for more information on preparing for and participating in an online therapy session. 

Click here for a full list of Remote Therapy services

Corporate & Municipal


The Howard Center for Wellness facilitates a variety of corporate and municipal services designed to increase workplace morale, improve overall productivity, and educate on workplace wellness and employee sensitivity-related topics.  


Our therapists can travel to your organization to host trainings for groups both large and small, or administer these trainings on a one-on-one basis to specific members of your organization.  Please inquire with us for more information.

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