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Sasha Branch, MS, LCADC


Sasha Branch brings over a decade of experience in individual, family, and couples counseling, with additional expertise in addiction treatment. She holds an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University and earned her Master’s degree from Grand Canyon University in 2014.

Sasha's professional journey is marked by her work with a diverse range of clients across various settings, including private practices, rehabilitation centers, and community organizations. Her broad experience has equipped her with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and needs of individuals and families, allowing her to provide tailored support and guidance.

Sasha is known for her dedication to positively impacting the lives of her clients. Her approach helps clients foster strong, healthy relationships. In addition to her hands-on work with clients, Sasha is a strong advocate for mental health awareness and education. She frequently participates in community outreach programs and professional workshops, sharing her knowledge and expertise to help others better understand and address mental health issues.

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